Celebrating Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

What with the excitement generated by the Super Bowl, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday – nice work on CD’s part conducting a great PR campaign from beyond the grave btw – you may have failed to realise that today is Two and a Half Men‘s Ashton Kutcher‘s 34th birthday. Happy Birthday, sir.

To celebrate: here are five things you may not know about our hero:
1 – Ashton Kutcher got his big break by entering a modelling competition in 1998. But lost out to someone called Josh Duhamel. We can only imagine what happened to

him… Oh.

2 – On Punk’d which he hosted, the tricks didn’t always work: wrestler Bill Goldberg was supposed to have a truck run over an exact replica of his prized motorcycle, but the stunt went wrong when the truck missed but the bike exploded anyway while Pamela Anderson denies she was ever Punk’d, saying she was not convinced by the porn movie being filmed in her back garden. We weren’t convinced by the one people filmed in ours either: the dialogue just wasn’t very realistic.
3- In 2010, Ashton was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People. With over 11.5 million friends on Facebook, we think this is probably just a fad and Time’ll get a handle on what really is power very soon.
4- Comedy quote from Mr Kutcher: “My mom is still yelling at me because she needs more autographed pictures!” Isn’t it good to know that your mum can embarrass you however ‘influential’ you are?
5 – Weirdly, there must be something in the water for those 7th February birthday types as also sharing the fella’s birthday are none other than Chris Rock and Eddie Izzard. But they’re not quite as handsome.
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