Where are they now? | Ben from 'Friends' aka Cole Sprouse

He was left on a bus, given a mild concussion by his Aunt Monica and his dad even threw him like a football in a dream – yes we’re talking about little baby Ben Geller. Actually we’re concerning ourselves with the second actor who played Ross’ first born in Friends Cole Sprouse – what happened to that kid?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Dylan and Cole...or Cole and Dylan

Well the interesting thing to know about Mr Sprouse is that he is one of two. Yes that zygote went all ‘splitty’ and Mrs Sprouse got a two-for-one-deal that year and they were all about the showbusiness…

Friends wasn’t Cole’s first role – he and his brother Ben had together played Patrick in sitcom Grace Under Fire for five years, long before signing up to be the offspring of Ross ‘The Divorcer’ Geller.

It’s a common occurrence in telly and film for children to split the acting load with their twin – lazy sods. In fact the first toddler-type Ben was played by twins John Christopher Allen and Charles Thomas Allen.

Anyway, they also tag-teamed playing the bed-wetting ‘Frankenstein’ opposite Adam Sandler in Big Daddy in 1995.

In 2000 though, Cole went solo to star in Friends for seven episodes. He was so sweet until he learned how to be annoying from ‘Cool Aunt Rachel’…

Check out this gallery to see what all the Friends cast look like these days.

Since Friends though the twins realised that there’s strength in numbers and the pair became huge in America – who knew?

Cole Sprouse

Here's what Cole looks like today

In 2005, they landed their own Disney channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody which ran for three years before being spun-off into The Suite Life on Deck which ended only last year.

They enjoyed Disney-laden fame for years without being as annoying at The Jonas Brothers and wrapped up their franchise in 2011 with a The Suite Life Movie.

By 2010 they were the highest paid teenage Disney television actors and MSN even reckoned that they were the richest twins since Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.

At the mo though, they’re both in Uni – or ‘college’ as the Americans say – and they’re both

studying at New York University.

…and check out this Wikipedic fact: In 2011, Dylan was elected president of the Third Avenue North residence hall – now that’s power.

Watch Friends weekdays at 5pm/8pm on Comedy Central.

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    wow,they are so lucky to be in showbiz at this age,they have done so well, xo

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