WATN: Melanie and Martina aka The Twins from ‘Funhouse’

With mullet-haired Pat Sharp at the helm, CITV’s Funhouse debuted to the joy of children everywhere in 1988.

Fun House

Are the memories flooding back now?

For those uninitiated to its joys, Funhouse was a whole lot of fun, there were prizes to be won. It was also a real crazy show where anything could go. It was a quiz, a race, a real wacky place. And finally, you had to use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game.

I digress… Melanie and Martina Grant were the blonde twins/cheerleaders who cheered the teams throughout the game. To the best of my knowledge, Funhouse remains their only TV credit.

Pat Sharp with Funhouse twins Melanie and Martina Grant

Pat and the girls in 2009

They both trained with Pozitiv Productions before landing the Funhouse gig and starred in Pantomime including Dick Whittington in Eastbourne in 2000 alongside EastendersMarc Bannerman (Gianni Di Marco).

The Daily Mirror caught up with Pat and the girls in 2009 (left) and when asked whether they’d consider an Funhouse revival the girls simply replied “hell yeah!” That’s that then.  What it could entail is anyone’s sordid guess.

The girls don’t have their outfits anymore but they’ve still got our jackets. Hoorah!

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2 Responses to WATN: Melanie and Martina aka The Twins from ‘Funhouse’

  1. Martin Mills says:

    If you say that their only credit was Fun House, I would say that you should do your home work and invesigate your subject.

    • Emma says:

      fun house wasnt their only tv credit. they appeared on a scottish tv show where the subject was about twins. its on youtube. melanie and martina also appeared in a batman movie and recently were guests on This Morning.

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