WATN: Haysi Fantayzee

Haysi Fantayzee exploded onto the pop scene in 1982 with their debut single Holy Joe. This went top 10 in England and Europe and to quote vocalist Kate Garner “We became very famous, very quickly”.

Haysi Fantayzee

Stripey Goodness

The band – described as a fashion/dance sensation – consisted of Jeremy Healy (vocals and hat), Kate Garner (vocals and skin) and Paul Caplin (secret mastermind). They followed this with the release of follow-up singles Shiny Shiny and John Wayne is Big Leggy. After two years of performing together, Kate maintains “we were not really enjoying being in the public eye so we disbanded”. But where are they now?

Kate Garner’s self-written bio on her website kategarner.com states that since le

aving the band she has become a photographer. Before this she flirted briefly with a solo singing career with the single Love Me Like A Rocket. Her first professional photo shoot was 15 years ago for Sinead O’Connor’s press and album sleeves and her work has since appeared in Face, Elle and People magazines. She now lives in LA with her daughter and boyfriend.

After leaving Haysi, Healy tried his luck in short-lived band Bonaventura and wrote jingles for high profile clients such as Pepsi and Kodak. In recent years Healy has emerged as a popular British club DJ regularly playing at Homelands, Gatecrasher and in Ibiza. He has also produced tracks for Boy George on the More Protein label and becom

e the regular DJ for John Galliano’s catwalk shows.

When the group disbanded, Paul Caplan briefly managed pop star Marilyn. He has since kept out of the public eye.

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  1. Tracy Winer says:

    I used to work for TLO records as the receptionist, with Chrissie, Paul and Luis and was just wondering what happened to everyone.

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